LSM held their first Sunday Gathering on Mother’s Day, 1992, in the home of Bert & Nell Pritt. Over the next 2 years they met in more than 20 locations; these included homes, firehouses, schools, camps, other churches, and outdoors. For a season, they used a one room abandoned church building that was used to store hay. They dug an outhouse for a bathroom and fixed up an old school bus for a children’s classroom. After about 4 years, they began to rent 2 places for Sunday Worship -The old Stonewall Theater in Clifton Forge – this was the Masonic before it was remodeled, and the Millboro Elementary school. They rotated Sundays because the LSM family was spread out over a large distance.

In 1997 they purchased 6 acres at their current location, and in 1999 built the worship facility which is 4 modular units put together. In 2014, it was discovered that the house next door was being used for a meth lab. LSM was able to buy that 5 acres and the Sharon Fire Deptment burned the house as a test site.

In 2008 we were blessed with the gift of being able to use what has become our Life House facility. We do not own this property but are blessed to use it for the cost of utilities and upkeep. This building houses our offices, and is the location of many midweek gatherings and special events. Many other churches have used it for special events and it is also used most week-ends of the year by area families for special celebrations.

As can be seen from a brief overview of our history, we have always been a people in transition and on the move. This is a picture of our view of ministry. We must always be willing to move as led of the Spirit. We are very grateful for the 2 beautiful locations over which the Lord has made us stewards. However, ministry is not about a building. We are constantly looking for opportunities to minister the life of Christ outside the walls of our buildings.